Hotel Eten

Logis Hotel Het Wapen van Harmelen in days gone by

The business has a rich history and there are numerous, treasured reminders of that past.

An advert from 1811, at the time of Napoleon, announces a public auction on 28 December of that year. The hotel passed through several hands until, on 19 April 1904 our great-grandfather bought Het Wapen van Harmelen. "Het Wapen" has undergone a number of alterations since that time, including in 1935, 1967, 1971, 1975-76 and, in 1987, the last phase of "Het Wapen".

In 1992, Robert Stelling opened an annex opposite "Het Wapen" - the 4th generation, with 15 hotel rooms. And it is perhaps no exaggeration to say that, over time, "Het Wapen" became, to some extent, the heart of the community. Lots of activities have taken place here over the years, as a result of which "Het Wapen" evolved into an important meeting place within the community.

Today, the hotel has a total of 42 modern hotel rooms.

And we still extend the same, warm welcome to our guests.

The Stelling Family

107 years of the Stelling Family. A true family business!