Hotel Eten

In the surrounding area

The area around our hotel in Harmelen is home to both tourist attractions and a large number of industrial estates.


The Maarsseveen Lakes, close to Breukelen and Loenen. Maarssen is also home to a large industrial estate.
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Strijkviertel is part of the province of Utrecht and lies to the south of the Leidsche Rijn canal, formerly known as the Oude Rijn.

The neighbourhood consists primarily of business parks: Oudenrijn (west), Strijkviertel (east), and the Strijkviertel recreation lake.

Lage Weide

Lage Weide is home to a few large companies that have their head offices and distribution centre there.

The business park is located in the Utrecht West district, between the de A2 Maarssenbroek, the Utrecht-Amsterdam train line, the Utrecht-Gouda line and the Schepenbuurt neighbourhood.


Utrecht has a wealth of places of interest and a lot of industry. The city is notable for the

Jaarbeurs Utrecht (just 10 kilometres from Logis Hotel Het Wapen van Harmelen, easy to reach by car or public transport).

It is also a leading exhibition and conference city and is the fastest-growing economic centre of both the Randstad region and the Netherlands as a whole.

Utrecht also boasts the

Railway Museum, the Cathedral Tower, lots of events and festivals, a large shopping area, and a good nightlife.